Steel Construction

Here are born creative in DSC steel detailed solutions for contracting detailed solutions for steel structure within the state of use or any form of architecture, we have the ability to design and implement steel structure whatever form or kind or nature used on the latest engineering software and the latest codes within international standards
- Metal buildings - Mosques - Conference halls - Exhibitions - Fences - Buildings and buildings
and including the industrial building And its specifications
We in the DSC STEEL detailed solutions company carefully study the production lines to give the client an industrial steel structure to meet the needs within the lowest possible cost and the best safety and highest quality according the international code.
1- Studying the complete production line and processing the plant to meet the needs of the customer and the requirements of the company maintenance of machines
2- Manufacturing the silo and all the necessary production lines of manufacturing and processing according to the requirements of manufacturing companies
3- Preparation of an IFC mechanic for the metal structure and supply to the manufacturer to be entered the production line working to verify the accuracy of the industrial structure and match the production line.
4- Speed in the implementation and accuracy with the application of all the general safety requirements of the facility and its employees