Steel Structure Finishing & Technical Work

In the company of DSC STEEL detailed solutions we care to be a product of high quality according to international standards and we achieve this by following the steps
1 Surface Treatment
Structural steel work is protected against corrosion by applying metal or paint coating in the shop or at site.

1.1 Surface cleaning
Blast cleaning is the used way of carrying out surface preparation in a well-run
Fabrication shop. Abrasive particles are projected on to the surface of the steel at high
Speed by either compressed air or centrifugal impeller to remove rust and roughen the
Surface before applying the coating.
We propose painting system subject to approval. However, we can submit any other Supplier (Jotun, SOLO, National) to the satisfaction of the Consultant.
1.3 Surface Preparation:
All primary steel members will be sand shot blasted to cleaned and painted with paining coat
1.4 Painting System:
Apply one under coat (as per the approval) at 75 microns thickness at minimum using DFT by Airless spray