Steel Structure Erection

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• Before any erection starts, the Engineer shall review erection drawings to determine which bays require permanent bracing.
•Start erection of columns from the braced bay using guy wires and ratchet pullers for stability of frames during erection.
•Install permanent bracing as indicated in erection drawing.
•One set of bolts in the rafter splices are installed and tensioned.
•Raise rafter into position at top of columns.
•Hold rafters in place with hoisting equipment while the required bolts are installed through the column connected splice place, and tightened properly.
•Using above procedure assemble second rafter and place it on top of second set of columns.
•Bolt-up to columns and continue to hold second rafter until both rafters are braced by roof purlins.
•Install permanent bracing between rafters.
•Before proceeding further, a Theodolite shall be used to check if the structure is plumb and square.
•Temporary braces shall be used to align and plumb the columns if further alignment is required.
•Resume erection of columns, rafters and purlins in succeeding bays in the same manner as above.
. site welding : erect all connection welding and welding all steel elements as the shop drawing .
•Erect the end walls columns after completing the main frames.
•Complete installation of purlins and bracing.
•Make a final check of structural frame for alignment and plumb.
•Check all connections to ensure that all bolts have been installed and that the high strength bolts are tensioned to the correct requirements.

. Touch-up any damaged paint on the main frame prior to sheeting.
•Two ground assembly erection crews and one painting crew will precede the lifting erection crews. The ground assembly crews will align and bolt-up the rafter pieces together and the painting crew will apply final touch up.
•Erection procedure shall be as per this sequence up to completion of building.
•Two mobile cranes of 20T capacity each shall be engaged in lifting the assembled rafter pieces.