Steel Structure Fabrication

At DSC steel .Structural steel fabrication is carried out in shop or some welding at the construction site, by with Qualified Technicians welder's fabricators and employees and Quality controls
Structural steel passes through various operations during the course of its fabrication.
Generally, the sequence of activities in fabricating shops is DSC STEEL as shown in below

- Cutting and Machining
Following surface preparation, cutting to length is always the first process to be carried out, and this is done by any of the following methods.
o Shearing and cropping (thin regularly plate).
o CNC Plasma Cutting for thick plate & irregular plate.
o Cold Sawing for steel section
- Punching and Drilling
- Welding Fastening Methods in shop
Manual Metal-Arc welding (MMA) solid wire for site welding
Metal-Active Gas welding (MAG) flux cored arc welding process

- Shop assembly and camber check
- Fitting and Reaming
Before final assembly, the component parts of a member are fitted-up temporarily with
Rivets, bolts or small amount of welds
- Finishing
This section in DSC steel company discusses the relevant aspects in fabrication and erection, which need to be considered to achieve the desired quality.