Steel Structure Design

We have at DSC-STEEL detailed solutions for contracting, at steel structural design department. We have an experience engineers to provide the best steel building services according the aims below:-
a) Overall Stability against overturning, sliding, uplift or global buckling under the design loads.
b) Strength against collapse under normal loads and imposed deformations and during construction with an acceptable level of safety.
c) Integrity, ductility and robustness against abnormal loads from extreme events without suffering disproportionate collapse, in which alternative load paths may be established.
d) Fire resistance.
e) Serviceability under all normal loads and imposed deformations.
f) Durability.
g) Maintainability during its design working life.
h) Buildability.
i) Economy: The structure should fulfill the above requirements in an economic manner.
the design process
Load calculation according ASCE IBC UBC MBMA and BS and other locally standards.
analysis steel structural frame and design used most modern finite element program used steel design Elements of structural-steel frame, as classified by AISC OR UC3 OR BS5950 , "Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings
connections design according the standards above Either manually or on the most modern programs